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Yeah~~~!!! 'EVERYONECONNECTS' has recently celebrated its 1st anniversary :) So you may juz asking what is 'EVERYONECONNECTS'. You can get your answer during the TM event. Juz in case that you missed the event, TM unveiled The World of EveryoneConnects during the event, the newly enhanced interactive website of where fans will be able to interact within their own communities, send greetings to one another, listen to music, view sporting events and movies as well as participate in more interactive and upcoming events.

So here is the features of of The World of EveryoneConnects:
  • The Stadium is designed as a sports locker room. From here, fans will be able to access “hot off the pitch” features which showcase news, highlights, interviews and videos from Manchester United TV or MUTV. These rich football content are offered by TM in collaboration with Manchester United as the Official Integrated Telecommunications Partner of Manchester United in Malaysia. Another feature of the webpage is a game play board that also serves as a chat room for fans.
  • The Jamming Garage emulates aspects of a garage music studio. This studio features “Camp Bunkface”, where fans can get all the information they need about Bunkface, listen to their songs and watch video previews as well as exchange music information.
  • Sini Maa is a playful webpage for movies. This webpage highlights movie trailers and videos available on Hypptv (UniFi), and (web channels) including video clips from Pilih Kasih, the acting reality program sponsored by TM. The webpage also features Movie Buzz, a chat room for film buffs.
  • To provide further opportunities for fans to connect, communicate and collaborate, Open House is the perfect place for fans of EveryoneConnects to extend various messages and wishes for birthdays, festivals and celebrations. The Open House is designed to appeal to all Malaysians and features video wishes, a wish board called Spread Some Love, and a selection of personalized e-cards for the user’s selection.
  • The EC Hall of Fame webpage is a walk down memory lane for all the activities that have occurred since EveryoneConnects first launched in November 2009. The webpage highlights previous content of and fans can sign the guestbook and view videos and photos of past events and activities.
  • In addition to the featured webpages, The World of EveryoneConnects brings out the personalities of EC fans who love music, movies, sports and more as they can select their own personalized avatars as they enter the website. Via their online avatars, fans can truly connect, communicate and collaborate with each other online in real time.
For more information on TM’s EveryoneConnects campaign, visit

Here is some pictures from the TM's EveryoneConnects campaign :)

Good Bye KL and Hello Penang~~~!!!

This is the post that I should post up since I graduated from UCSI...but however due to certain issues (busy??? laziness???), so it delays till today only I post it up. So why do I say good bye KL? stupid question right? Of course it is due to I am gonna to leave KL and go back my hometown, Penang. (which actually I am in Penang now) :p

Good Bye KL~~~!!! :p

Stayed in KL for four years...for study...for eat...for living....for joys....of course for friends...KL did bring me a lot of sweet memories and also sad stories :p ok...let's put the sad stories to apart...I can juz selectively forget whatever I don't wan to remember. It doens't sound great? hahaha... At first, I not really like KL and you can even say I hate KL. I think some of my friends know about that. I juz dislike becoz it is dirty (Pudu bus station really impressed me a lot), crowded (obviously KL do hav a lot people there...Malays...Chineses...Indians...and of course those foreigner such as nigerian, chineses from china and can even see those foriegner workers gathering in front of the Pudu Bus Station) and lastly the traffic (the traffic in KL is always can't ever agree more than this right?)

Out sort of those 'disavantages' of KL, you also can't really deny that KL is also quite attractive. In what sense??? of course, this city is full of entertainment such as shopping complexs, KTV, cinemas, bars, lounges and clubs :p Even you hav the best entertainment in the city but you don't hav companions, you also won't enjoy right? So, I hav bunch of friends to study together, eat together, play together and drink together. buddies....are you all missing me??? hahaha...

So...reveal my little room which cantonese said as 'dog nest' :p I juz hav a small room and the air ventilation here is huge gradient between day and night. Day time it juz like sauna can bake youself inside my room...Night juz like a can be an ice stick inside my room...althought it is juz a tiny room but thw house owner is really nice and I appreciate him for letting me to stay in his house...Arigato...Uncle~~~!!! :)

The view from my room

Packing to cabut back to penang :p

My table which is rarely used XD

My bed and my studying area.

So after graduated, all of us was thrown to different places to work...(kedah, penang, perak, selangor, kl, terrenganu...bla bla bla....) And I was luckily to get posted to penang which is my hometown. Of course, the working life started and I am working 'adult' in the future I will share more about my working experience to you all...stay tune~~~!!! :p

Hello Penang~~~!!! :)

Whoa! iTalkWhoa! is BACK~~~!!!

Salam Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir & Batin...

As I mentioned in previous post, the special promotion of iTalk is still there. In conjunction with Ramadhan and Aidilfitri, starting from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010, you can still enjoy 20% ADDITIONAL talktime automatically credited into your account if you activate/reload your iTalk card from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010. This is really a good promotion for all muslims and of course Malaysian to celebrate this festive season.

From the above table, you can know how much benefit you hav getting when you reload or active your iTalk account.

What you can do for the extra iTalk credit??? Now, you can purchase the online contents on all TM sites listed below  such as games, songs, and even newspaper content. This is juz convenience for every iTalk user. The credit from iTalk account will juz deducted as you purchase the online contents.

So don't forget to top up your iTalk credit before 31st October :)

Last but not least....

iTalkWhoa! Special International Call Rates~~~!!! Great Saving as Always~~~!!!

Greeting~~~!!! So this is the month of Ramadhan and Aidilfitri~~~!!! In conjunction with Ramadhan and Aidilfitri, iTalk is pleased to announce that starting from 10th August 2010 until 30th September 2010, iTalk will be offering special International (IDD) call rates to 3 selected countries to Fixed and Mobile as low as 9sen/30second.

Through the GREAT Promotion from iTalk, you can juz call to either 1 of the 3 countries with the lowest ever rates that TM offer to you. Do share the joy of celebration with everyone and not only within Malaysia but also in Bangladesh, Indonesia as well as Pakistan. We all are enjoying the borderless celebration. Don't you? and thx to TM, we can call to the 3 selected countries with these lowest IDD rates.

You are still not satisfy with this special promotion? Don't worry~~~!!! Here is another Special Promotion from TM iTalk, which is starting from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010 any iTalk users who activate iTalk will be rewarded 20% FREE iTalk talktime as below:

So, is it cool??? And remember don't miss the good chance to enjoy the special promotion from iTalk!

HAPPY Ramadhan and Aidilfitri~~~!!!

An Easy IDD Call through iTalkWhoa!

What is IDD call? IDD is stand for International Direct Dialling which is an international telephone call dialled by the caller rather than going via an operator. So how can we make the call? International calls are made by dialling the international call prefix for the country one is in, followed by the country calling code for the country one wishes to call, then the phone number within that country. When phone numbers are published for use abroad, they typically include the country calling code, but replace the international call prefix with "+" to signify that the caller should use the prefix appropriate for their country.

There is roughly concept about the IDD call. When we need the IDD call? Don't scold me stupid because I asked such stupid question. The main reason for you to use the IDD call must be someone that you want to call is currently not in local which mean may be he/she is currently at oversea. As we know that, the rate to make an international call is not really cheap at all. It may juz cost up to few hundred ringit for a monthly bill. If you got anyone important stay at oversea or yourself is going to oversea and you just can't lost contact with anyone in local, then you have to be prepared to pay a huge amount for making the call.

However, currently iTalkWhoa! is offering some relatively cheap package for you to make the IDD call. You can enjoy the lowest rate of making the international call. The calling rate is as lowest as RM0.05/min for you to call to USA no matter fixed or mobile line. Attractive right? You not only can make the international call through phone but you also can make the call through the computer. And it is really easy to use iTalkWhoa! through computer because it is well-designed and user-friendly. It is really convienient for everyone and you can just make the call anywhere and anytime.

Perhaps one day I will just go oversea for further study or my sister will do so. I think that iTalkWhoa! will definitely a good choice for me to make call back to Malaysia. I can just enjoy the calling and talking to my family without worry about the high amount of phone calling gonna charged on me. We can just keep in touch daily. :)

For further information, please refer to or just ask from me :)

No Strings Attached

No strings attached??? What does it mean??? What I can imagine is the internet that do not need any cable or wire...In other word, it mean that wireless broadband. As I mentioned in previous post, we are now able to enjoy the wireless broadband due to the technology development. It is not a dream now that you can online everywhere.

Why we need the development of technology? It is because technology development definitely improve our quality of life style. We can enjoy the wonderful moment in our life and it does really bring the convinient to us. However, we should neither get lazy or too rely on the technology. Come to the wireless stuff! Now we can just online in anywhere as long as we in the coverage of the internet. Yup, you are not dreaming, our country really is developing and it will grow advancely in one day. You no need to restrict to online on your table but you can now online everywhere even on your bed or toilet. You can stick to your facebook or google 24 hour at everywhere.

The speed of the internet is getting faster as well and you not need to complain the turtle speed of the internet connection anymore. Lagging~~~!!! I think most probably we are not going to listen such complain on the internet service anymore since our government is going to develop and improve their internet cable which is going to upgrade to the optic cable in few years time. Then, our internet connection speed can increase in few turns. So, the wireless broadband will definitely the first choice of everyone. In the future, noone will attached to the string and neither the internet.


Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

iTalk WHOA!

Hey, everyone~~~!!! There is a good news to let you all know. With the development of the internet and broadband, everyone tend to say connected with friends without any restrictions. And, here I am going to tell you that this is not a dream that can't reach anymore. You can stay connected with all your friends without the hassles of logging in to several websites. Is it convenient??? You can just connected to facebook, MSN and twitter simultaneously and you just need 1 brower there. So, just let me proudly present you the

You may just wonder what is the iTalk WHOA!. So, what is it? ITalk Whoa is a Unified Messaging and Convergence platform providing single-point-access to Messaging & Collaboration systems. iTalk Whoa provides and interface that enables users to synchronize all the email accounts, social networking sites to enable them to connect, communicate and collaborate with their families and friends. You can email, SMS, make calls, connect with instant messaging and even read your favorite news through just one portal.

iTalk WHOA! Lets you stay connected to your friends without the hassles of logging in to several websites. Need to send an email, check a friend’s status update or even make a long distance call? iTalk WHOA! Lets you do all that with just one click.”

Can you imagine that? You just need one click then you can ever send an email, check a friend’s status update or even make a long distance call. Unbelievable~~~!!! Right??? So would you like to know more about the iTalk WHOA features? Let's have a look~~~!!! :)

• Standards-based webmail server
• Enable different webmails been view in one portal
• Integrates with major webmail services such as MSN, Yahoo! and Gmail
• Integrates with standards compliant corporate email servers
• Real-time true push of emails & attachments
• Works with IMAP, POP3, Exchange Servers and other standard protocols
• RSS allows to have a quick update on favorite news/ movies/ etc

Push eMail

• Enable email been push to mobile
• Real-time true push of emails & attachments
• Works with any mobile device without the need of a local client
• Has the potential to address the entire mobile phone user base in the corporate and consumer markets

 Calendar & Task

• Provides powerful features that help users in organizing appointment, events, scheduling and tasks, amongst others
• Unique features with the added advantage of being a full web-based application
• Easy for users to manage their scheduling and appointments
• Capability to assign calendar information and create tasks to be shared with other users within their desktop or mobile workspace

Instant Messaging (IM)

• Full collaboration and communication solution
• Enable multiple Chat servers integrate into one IM Chat
• Provides an internal shared-space for collaboration with integrated tools such as IM Chat
• Capable of Desktop-Desktop, Desktop-Mobile collaboration
• No need for external service providers or, when required, capable of drawing in a large number of third-party providers into an aggregated platform for cross communication

Voice Call

• Enable users to communicate from PC with the lowest calling rate


• Enable users to send web sms from portal
• Users can send sms to any phone (local mobile/international mobile/fixed sms)


• Provides synchronization of data between desktop applications, mobile devices and vice-versa
• Synchronization includes emails, contacts, calendar, notes, to-do lists, messages

 Integration Framework

 • Mobility & Collaboration systems can now integrate seamlessly with other internal systems incl. Enterprise Applications or external web systems such as Social Networking streams
• Capable of drawing in desktop enterprise applications both legacy or new - essentially a future-proof, one-stop platform for any organization’s software solutions
• Plugged into the platform simply but securely
• Shared workspace for exchange of information and ideas independent of geographical location
• Provides virtual or physical access to a number of data assets (e.g.catalogs, websites, registries, document storage, and databases)

Social Networking Streams

• Seamless ITalk Whoa! integration with the most popular business & social networking services
• Single point access to all networks
• Easily managed within ITalk Whoa! interface


• Digital Certificates for establishing Network connection using Secure Sockets
• Layer (SSL) Protocol with end-point security management
• Stored data accessible by all users within or across security domains
• Full anti-virus, anti-spam controls
• Supports:
• AES encryption
• Application Certificates
• Active Directory & Group Policy with role-based administration
• Secure / Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) encryption

To get the real experience of the iTalk Whoa!, you can just login to to register as a member and play around with the functions available in there, as to familiarize with the program.

Just easy as 1, 2, 3~~~!!! Login/Register from iTalk Whoa! web-site~~~!!!
How to register iTalk Whoa! ???
  1. Simply click on the Menu Get WHOA! Now.
  2. The pop up dialog box will appear
  3. For those who want to get free RM5 airtime (limit to 8000 early bird only), user need to input their email and mobile number.
  4. Then the system will email their password and user can change the password upon 1st log in.
So don't miss the chance~~~!!! :)

Interface of iTalk Whoa!

 iTalk Whoa contain 5 sections, which consist of Tool bar, Navigation Pane Tabs, Navigation Pane, Center Pane and Right Pane. You have to try it and you totally can get used to it because it is very user-friendly.
There are few statements you have to know about iTalk Whoa!.
  1. It is possible to use iTalk Whoa! evern you are in oversea. The iTalk Whoa! is a portal service, regardless where ever you are from; the rates are applicable as it will be in the list.

  2. iTalk Whoa! is an online portal that enables ppl to check their email, tweet, sms, call all from one website.
  3. They just have to register as an  iTalk Whoa! member first and they can do all that. While for 1st time user, you have to key in your password for you ie: twitter, email (yahoo, gmail, hotmail) etc for all at just one time. It will configure with your iTalkWhoa login password. You just have to key in 1 iTalkWhoa password next time, all others function will be automatically login.
  4. What you need to do is just to sign up the iTalk Whoa! @
  5. TM will provide this service really soon, hopefully somewhere in June 2010 for all users worldwide to purchase. But for now, you can purchase iTalk credit at Maybank2U, CIMB Clicks and all stores displaying iTalk. Only Malaysians are able to purchase for NOW.
  6. In future,  iTalk are sold at shops displaying iTalk sign but only Malaysian.
For more information about iTalk Whoa!, please visit to :)

My Favourite Sport

Sport~~~!!! This week our topic is My Favourite Sport. It is kinda interesting topic because I love sport a lot. Just let me list down what are the sports that I love to play and perhaps one of them is one of your favourite sport.





Table Tennis


Hahaha... I am really sport lover and the above sports are those I usually play with my friends. You can say that I am not really concentrate on the only sport. But I really enjoy with such many sports because all of them have their unique characteristic that attract me.

Why I love sport?

It need a lot of concentration and determination.

It develop skill and confidence.

And of course~~~!!! I ENJOY THE GLORY MOMENT~~~~!!!!

 The Winning with Sweat~~~!!!

My most favourite sport is badminton which main likely I can now play with my coursemates frequently as compared to the other sports. I used to play at least twice per week and all the time the match is really challenging because my friends improved their skill everyday. I also need to improve to catch up their pace. They absolutely a good badminton players, perhaps not the best badminton player but the best badminton companions. We normally will play for 2 hours and it will be a double match if there are enough players. If there is lack of the player, we will play the single and it is really cost me a lot of energy. I do not really have a system to improve the badminton skill but I just try to learn in the match.

In the badminton match, you may like to  smack whenever you got chance. But you have to look for the greatest chance to smack. If not, you will only waste your energy.

Here is few tips for you when you play badminton (sources: wikipedia):

Both pairs will try to gain and maintain the attack, smashing downwards when possible. Whenever possible, a pair will adopt an ideal attacking formation with one player hitting down from the rearcourt, and his partner in the midcourt intercepting all smash returns except the lift. If the rearcourt attacker plays a dropshot, his partner will move into the forecourt to threaten the net reply. If a pair cannot hit downwards, they will use flat strokes in an attempt to gain the attack. If a pair is forced to lift or clear the shuttlecock, then they must defend: they will adopt a side-by-side position in the rear midcourt, to cover the full width of their court against the opponents' smashes. In doubles, players generally smash to the middle ground between two players in order to take advantage of confusion and clashes.

At high levels of play, the backhand serve has become popular to the extent that forehand serves almost never appear in professional games. The straight low serve is used most frequently, in an attempt to prevent the opponents gaining the attack immediately. Flick serves are used to prevent the opponent from anticipating the low serve and attacking it decisively.

At high levels of play, doubles rallies are extremely fast. Men's doubles is the most aggressive form of badminton, with a high proportion of powerful jump smashes.

The singles court is narrower than the doubles court, but the same length. Since one person needs to cover the entire court, singles tactics are based on forcing the opponent to move as much as possible; this means that singles strokes are normally directed to the corners of the court. Players exploit the length of the court by combining lifts and clears with drop shots and net shots. Smashing is less prominent in singles than in doubles because players are rarely in the ideal position to execute a smash, and smashing often leaves the smasher vulnerable if the smash is returned.

In singles, players will often start the rally with a forehand high serve. Low serves are also used frequently, either forehand or backhand. Flick serves are less common, and drive serves are rare.

At high levels of play, singles demands extraordinary fitness. Singles is a game of patient positional manoeuvring, unlike the all-out aggression of doubles. 

With the tips, You may be the next Lin Dan.

Even you can't be Lin Dan, You may also be the next Taufik or Lee Chong Wei

Badminton is really an interesting sport which you really need a lot of stamina and skill. You will definitely love it if you have tried it. You will really like to sweat and fight for the glory in the badminton court. You also can learn never give up in the court.

If you are really interested on badminton and wish to know more about the rules and regulations of badminton, you can just visit Badminton World Federation. There got the simplified rules that help you to know more about the badminton.

So, See you all in badminton court lo ~~!!! :)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

I wanna be a Project Alpha TV Star~~~!!! I think this will be a target or goal for every bloggers. I believe everyone have dream ever before as the famous star. To be a featured blogger, we need to fulfill few criterias which including writing skill, photo shooting skill, video recording skill, creative and of course we need the courage that dare to act and dare to show yourself.

What do you have? What can you attract the people attention? Talented people should not be worry. What they have to do is just to show their talent which mean just need to act as normal. Video shot for them is just consider a piece of cake for them. But for 'not so' talent people, what can they do to attract people? As a TV Star, your ability to draw people attention is very very important which will determine your TV star life span. If you found that you are not talented in anything, you don't have to give up like that. You may be have your own talent but you just haven't discover it yet. Look at the mirror and think about your past and dig what ever experience you have. Possible, you can just discover your talent. If really can't find it, you just need to learn now which may take a lot of time or you need just to show some creativity to the audiences.

'No so' talented people don't worry. Although you may a normal person, as you show your confidence in the shot, you may another SUPER Project Alpha TV Star! And I may just sit at home and watch your performance. Come on, my friend! Show me your shot!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at or

My Busy Life for my Last Sem~~~!!!

Since it is the last sem of my study, I need to attend for the clinical clerkship at HKL and do all those hectic and troublesome report. This is reason that I can't really blog after the CNY. I am very very very busy for that. (hahaha...some of my friends will say that I am not really look so busy...but it really make me busy for somehow...)

The main purpose that I write this pose is to tell you all the reason that I am keep on updating and reply you all. I can just drag some time to tell everyone that I am not able to update the blog frequently like before. I will try my best to reply all comments and also the cbox.

Btw, if you interested to know more about my lastest update, you all can just follow me in my twitter. I still able to leave a short comment and update through the twitter. Perhaps after exam, I can start again enjoy the joy of blogging. See ya everyone. :)

No Sweat

Sweat is quite a common for you and me. I do sweat. I can even say that I sweat everyday. If you wonder why I am sweating everyday, then let me tell you the reasons. I got a lot of reasons that cause me to sweat. I sweat when I am exercise. I sweat when weather hot and now it is consider as the hot season. Few raining recently which lead to the increase of the temperature of the earth. So am my house. Unfortunately, I am not affordable to buy an air-con, so I can only suffer from the warmness of the mother nature. Even when I walk to school and back from school, I also can sweat. So, I can say that I sweat everyday.

Am I hate the sweat? Not really, I already get used to it and sweating is a good regulation for body temperature. Of course, after the heavy sweat I need to take bath to get rid of those uncomfortable feeling and smell. So in my life, there are never got "no sweat" this term in my mind. I also never of thinking the ways to get rid from sweating. However, if you sweat during the party, dinner or indoor activity, it does lead to bad body smell to the other. You can't ever just go for bath during any parties or dinner. Therefore, to prevent from the sweating or smell, you can only try not got heavy movement which can cuase you to sweat.

This is the traditional method that really help in prevent sweating. But recently, our market started to develop some products that help you keep your good smell everyday and control your sweating. You will no sweat even you are going for a heavy action or exercise. This kind of product do help a lot of people to improve their social life. They can preserve their great image to everyone.

However, we still have to keep in mind that sweating is our body self-regulation mechanism which help to regulate the body temperature. Don't try to totally get rid from sweating which is consider not healthy. Use the product wisely but not abusely. So for me 'exercise = sweat'  'no exercise = no sweat'~~~!!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at

My Favourite Surfing Spot

As usual, I have given a title to write the post regarding the Project Alpha. This week the title is 'My Favourite Surfing Spot'. Is it an easy title for me or you? Definitely, this gonna to be an easy topic for everyone. Wifi is not really consider a new technology for us but it really make you a changes to your surfing place. With the wifi, you can even surf in your bedroom, toilet, kitchen, and whenever the place you can imagine. So, you won't just miss the conversation whenever you are doing your business in the toilet.

So what is my favourite sufing spot? I always surf the internet in the my room. But sometimes I will also surf the internet in different places such my friends house, school, library and even star buck. All of the place is kinda a good environment for me to surfing. Can you imagine that you are surfing the internet while drinking the starbuck latte? Kinda nice ya. That's why starbusk is one of my favourite surfing spot. A good and silent environment would be the best spot for me to surf. Another ideal spot is my bedroom and on my bed. I can just go into sleep whenever I feel tired. Kinda lazy right? hahaha :)

Undeniable, nowadays everyone has surf internet everyday and there are many many website where they always surf around. I guess most of the people is surfing the facebook everyday. Don't you? Most of the people (not really just youngster but also the other age level people) are facebook addict or facebook maniac. The famous of facebook is always in my expectation which it is rank no.2 in alexa ranking. This means that it has worldwide no. 2 amount of visitors. For yesterday statistic, it has 31.6% of the internet users have reach the It's really huge numbers of visitors. With the wifi such as P1wimax, the facebook addict can even assess the facebook in anywhere.

Stages of Facebook Addiction:

Mild: once or twice a day.
Moderate: every few hours.
Severe: every single minute.

So which you are? I think I just at the moderate stage. lolz. Definitely, facebook is one of my favourite surfing spot. Once I online, I sure will login into facebook to check for any update.

What would you do if you can't access facebook for one day???

Will you frustrated for it? if you did, go for facebook detoxification. XD

So, do you think facebook will lost the visitors or die in one day?

I can answer you...definitely NOT~~~!!!

Other than facebook, I also like to surf to nuffnang website (to check my earning and traffic), Kwong Wah Jit Poh (read the online news article), Malaysiakini (for the updated politic news), Project Alpha (to check the update of the Project Alpha Season 2), Google (My favourite search engine), the comic forum and of course my own blog => (to check the comments you all given).

Google as one of my favourite surfing website, I always use google for searching the information that I need for my assignment. It always a good helper and fastest search engine. Since it is so convinient, it not only as my fovourite search engine but also for most of the people. It has the most visitors to it at the most time which is the No. 1 rank in the alexa ranking. So, have you google today? 'Google' this word has become a verb which everyone like to use it. It bring the meaning about search.

So friends, have you all GOOGLE today??? 

and also don't forget to facebook ya :p

There are so many things you can do with P1; check out the video below!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Gatsby~~~!!! If someone mention about Gatsby, what will come in your mind first? For me, I will definitely think about it's Hair Wax Moving Rubber series. Don't you? The Hair Wax Moving Rubber series definitely represent the name of Gatsby.

I am also one the Gatsby Hair Wax Moving Rubber supporter~~~~~!!! I am using the Moving Rubber  Grunge Mat~~~!!!

There is also instruction to teach how to get the Grunge Mat Look~~~!!!

So, it is so user-friendly~~~!!! You not only buy the hair wax but also the skill to set your hair. Perhaps the Grunge Mat is not suitable or match your style, you can try the other products in this Moving Rubber series such as:

There will definitely one of them can match your need or requirement. Gatsby definitely a lovely company who really consider every different style of the different people and even the different length of the hair.

So I just received an email tonight morning, there will be a Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair which is promoting its new Deodorant products. I am the lucky one to get the invitation to attend the Street Fair. Here is the detail of the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair,

Date: 17th April 2010

Time: 10am till 5pm

Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.
So, everyone just clear and mark your calendar on the 17th April 2010! Come attend the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair together~~~!!! There are going to be lucky draws and we have various cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000 up for grabs! Among the exciting fun-fair games on that day - Sumo Wrestling (in air bag suits!), gladiator battles and other amusing and addictive games you would expect at a fun-fair! Does it attractive? If really did, why not you just come to join us~~~!!!

Here is one type of Gatsby Deodorant product:

Anti Perspirant Roll on deodorant
Special Features

  • o-CYMEN-5-OL + TRICLOSAN for antiseptic effects & reduce bad odor

  • Anti Perspirant Agent (ACH) gives you dry and comfort
How to Use

  • Remove cap, turn container upside down and apply.

Content : NET 60ml
Interested for the deodorant??? Just come the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair on 17th April 2010 from 10 am to 5 pm at Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.
Any further infomation regarding to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair please visit the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair Official Web Site or