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Land Below the Wind - SABAH

"As promised" few months ago, I will update my life in Sabah to this blog. But seemed like I have been so lost in Sabah till I dragged the blog post for around 8 months. Well, IT HAVE BEEN 8 MONTHS already since I get myself stuck in Sabah. I didn't update the blog not because I couldn't connect to the internet in Sabah. The most likely reason is I am so reluctact to admit that I am gonna to stay in Sabah for sometime.

Ok, that's nothing wrong with Sabah and sorry if I did make you all think Sabah is not a really good state in Malaysia. *grin*
So, let's start my journey to the "Land Below the Wind" ~ Sabah. :)

Here I say Good Bye to Penang and there I say Hi to Sabah :(

With mixed feeling, I leave my beloved hometown, Penang and I come to Sabah, a msytery land for me. I still can remember how I really stress when first I reached Kota Kinabalu Airport (BKI). And it was 1st of December 2011. Once I reached the airport, then I called a taxi to go to the Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sabah (JKNS) to report duty. Well, it is determining step for my life in Sabah. As everyone, Sabah is big state and it consists of many rural areas which actually do not favour for me to live there. So, I don't know my own destiny till I report my duty to JKNS. Luckily I got a placement that consider 'not-so-bad'. I got KOTA BELUD! which mean that I gonna stay in KOTA BELUD for this coming years (at least 1 year)

Frustrated? not really, I felt much more of lost. I got no idea on how actually Kota Belud look like and I was worrying where to rent a house. Well, skip those troublesome stuff, I gonna start to know more about Kota Kinabalu. Luckily I got a good friend, Lipton who already worked in Kota Kinabalu as enforcement officer. So I stayed in his house for few days before I go report duty to the Hospital Kota Belud.

Here is the view from Lipton's house. Quite nice view, right? Sabah is quite a peace place to stay :)
Ok, I will stop here and I will continue next time for my adventure in Sabah. :)

Sbaahh..Ops!!! is SABAH!!!

As I mentioned in previous post, I will be posted to other place once I done my 1 year Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP). Don't know consider lucky or not, for the PRP year, I get posted to Penang and worked in Hospital Pulau Pinang (HPP). Once mentioned Penang, the Penang food will come in everyone mind or may you all may think about the Penang Bridge.


*All photos copied from web :)

Penang is well known as food paradise, but at here I am not going to intro you all about penang food nor tourism place. Penang absolutely a nice place to live, but HPP was not a good place for me to work. My friend should know that I am a lazy bump, I hate the heavy work load. And who knows that I am so lucky to get HPP as my PRP housemanship. HPP is known as 'second busiest hospital' in whole Malaysia. And so you can imagine HPP just get 13-15 PRPs for the year which compared to HKL (the busiest hospital) more than 40 PRPs. The work load here just simply make all PRPs suffocated.

However, after done 1 year PRP, we will just get a new posting to other place or will be 'luckily' retained at the same hospital. Don't know I consider lucky or not, I get posted to Sabah and I am not so wanted to go Sabah. So I did appeal and I failed! So no choice, I will need to go Sabah to work in the coming year. 1 year, perhaps 2 or 3 years?!?! No one will know it, only god will know. Wish me all the best ba! :)

Sabah Here I Come!!!

ops...over-excited d!!! I may not even get a nice place in Sabah, not matter what

see you all in

Sabah!!! :)

The Life of PRP!!!

It have been few months...erm I think almost 1 year I didn't update this blog. Well, here is the update. I have been worked for almost 1 year as PRP (as I mentioned on the title). PRP!!! So what is PRP??? Actually you can get quite many answers from the google search. Here is some of the example: Peel Regional Police, People's Reconciliation Party, People's Republic of Poland but the PRP that I mentioned is none of the above. PRP for me is Provisionally Registered Pharmacist. So, you may ask me what is that? Not juz normal pharmacist? Actually, it is pharmacist and not-yet-fully registered pharmacist.

In Malaysia, to become a lisensed pharmacist you need to do the1 year clinical attachment to hospital (PRP for pharmacist or housemenship for doctor) and 3 years compulsory service (and recently health minister suggested to change to 1 year compulsory service). It is just 1+3 and total 4 years service in hospital to get the lisense of pharmacist. It sound suck? Perhaps yes and perhaps not. For someone, this rule and regulation has forced them to stay in government. However, it do provide a stable income and job for freshly graduated pharmacist. As I always said, depend on what's your preception.

Be a PRP, it's really very very very busy and I think it gonne to end soon in another 3 weeks. Well, I will share about my PRP life next time. Wish me good luck to stay alive for another 3 weeks :)


Yeah~~~!!! 'EVERYONECONNECTS' has recently celebrated its 1st anniversary :) So you may juz asking what is 'EVERYONECONNECTS'. You can get your answer during the TM event. Juz in case that you missed the event, TM unveiled The World of EveryoneConnects during the event, the newly enhanced interactive website of where fans will be able to interact within their own communities, send greetings to one another, listen to music, view sporting events and movies as well as participate in more interactive and upcoming events.

So here is the features of of The World of EveryoneConnects:
  • The Stadium is designed as a sports locker room. From here, fans will be able to access “hot off the pitch” features which showcase news, highlights, interviews and videos from Manchester United TV or MUTV. These rich football content are offered by TM in collaboration with Manchester United as the Official Integrated Telecommunications Partner of Manchester United in Malaysia. Another feature of the webpage is a game play board that also serves as a chat room for fans.
  • The Jamming Garage emulates aspects of a garage music studio. This studio features “Camp Bunkface”, where fans can get all the information they need about Bunkface, listen to their songs and watch video previews as well as exchange music information.
  • Sini Maa is a playful webpage for movies. This webpage highlights movie trailers and videos available on Hypptv (UniFi), and (web channels) including video clips from Pilih Kasih, the acting reality program sponsored by TM. The webpage also features Movie Buzz, a chat room for film buffs.
  • To provide further opportunities for fans to connect, communicate and collaborate, Open House is the perfect place for fans of EveryoneConnects to extend various messages and wishes for birthdays, festivals and celebrations. The Open House is designed to appeal to all Malaysians and features video wishes, a wish board called Spread Some Love, and a selection of personalized e-cards for the user’s selection.
  • The EC Hall of Fame webpage is a walk down memory lane for all the activities that have occurred since EveryoneConnects first launched in November 2009. The webpage highlights previous content of and fans can sign the guestbook and view videos and photos of past events and activities.
  • In addition to the featured webpages, The World of EveryoneConnects brings out the personalities of EC fans who love music, movies, sports and more as they can select their own personalized avatars as they enter the website. Via their online avatars, fans can truly connect, communicate and collaborate with each other online in real time.
For more information on TM’s EveryoneConnects campaign, visit

Here is some pictures from the TM's EveryoneConnects campaign :)

Good Bye KL and Hello Penang~~~!!!

This is the post that I should post up since I graduated from UCSI...but however due to certain issues (busy??? laziness???), so it delays till today only I post it up. So why do I say good bye KL? stupid question right? Of course it is due to I am gonna to leave KL and go back my hometown, Penang. (which actually I am in Penang now) :p

Good Bye KL~~~!!! :p

Stayed in KL for four years...for study...for eat...for living....for joys....of course for friends...KL did bring me a lot of sweet memories and also sad stories :p ok...let's put the sad stories to apart...I can juz selectively forget whatever I don't wan to remember. It doens't sound great? hahaha... At first, I not really like KL and you can even say I hate KL. I think some of my friends know about that. I juz dislike becoz it is dirty (Pudu bus station really impressed me a lot), crowded (obviously KL do hav a lot people there...Malays...Chineses...Indians...and of course those foreigner such as nigerian, chineses from china and can even see those foriegner workers gathering in front of the Pudu Bus Station) and lastly the traffic (the traffic in KL is always can't ever agree more than this right?)

Out sort of those 'disavantages' of KL, you also can't really deny that KL is also quite attractive. In what sense??? of course, this city is full of entertainment such as shopping complexs, KTV, cinemas, bars, lounges and clubs :p Even you hav the best entertainment in the city but you don't hav companions, you also won't enjoy right? So, I hav bunch of friends to study together, eat together, play together and drink together. buddies....are you all missing me??? hahaha...

So...reveal my little room which cantonese said as 'dog nest' :p I juz hav a small room and the air ventilation here is huge gradient between day and night. Day time it juz like sauna can bake youself inside my room...Night juz like a can be an ice stick inside my room...althought it is juz a tiny room but thw house owner is really nice and I appreciate him for letting me to stay in his house...Arigato...Uncle~~~!!! :)

The view from my room

Packing to cabut back to penang :p

My table which is rarely used XD

My bed and my studying area.

So after graduated, all of us was thrown to different places to work...(kedah, penang, perak, selangor, kl, terrenganu...bla bla bla....) And I was luckily to get posted to penang which is my hometown. Of course, the working life started and I am working 'adult' in the future I will share more about my working experience to you all...stay tune~~~!!! :p

Hello Penang~~~!!! :)

Whoa! iTalkWhoa! is BACK~~~!!!

Salam Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir & Batin...

As I mentioned in previous post, the special promotion of iTalk is still there. In conjunction with Ramadhan and Aidilfitri, starting from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010, you can still enjoy 20% ADDITIONAL talktime automatically credited into your account if you activate/reload your iTalk card from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010. This is really a good promotion for all muslims and of course Malaysian to celebrate this festive season.

From the above table, you can know how much benefit you hav getting when you reload or active your iTalk account.

What you can do for the extra iTalk credit??? Now, you can purchase the online contents on all TM sites listed below  such as games, songs, and even newspaper content. This is juz convenience for every iTalk user. The credit from iTalk account will juz deducted as you purchase the online contents.

So don't forget to top up your iTalk credit before 31st October :)

Last but not least....

iTalkWhoa! Special International Call Rates~~~!!! Great Saving as Always~~~!!!

Greeting~~~!!! So this is the month of Ramadhan and Aidilfitri~~~!!! In conjunction with Ramadhan and Aidilfitri, iTalk is pleased to announce that starting from 10th August 2010 until 30th September 2010, iTalk will be offering special International (IDD) call rates to 3 selected countries to Fixed and Mobile as low as 9sen/30second.

Through the GREAT Promotion from iTalk, you can juz call to either 1 of the 3 countries with the lowest ever rates that TM offer to you. Do share the joy of celebration with everyone and not only within Malaysia but also in Bangladesh, Indonesia as well as Pakistan. We all are enjoying the borderless celebration. Don't you? and thx to TM, we can call to the 3 selected countries with these lowest IDD rates.

You are still not satisfy with this special promotion? Don't worry~~~!!! Here is another Special Promotion from TM iTalk, which is starting from 1st September 2010 until 31st October 2010 any iTalk users who activate iTalk will be rewarded 20% FREE iTalk talktime as below:

So, is it cool??? And remember don't miss the good chance to enjoy the special promotion from iTalk!

HAPPY Ramadhan and Aidilfitri~~~!!!