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No Sweat

Sweat is quite a common for you and me. I do sweat. I can even say that I sweat everyday. If you wonder why I am sweating everyday, then let me tell you the reasons. I got a lot of reasons that cause me to sweat. I sweat when I am exercise. I sweat when weather hot and now it is consider as the hot season. Few raining recently which lead to the increase of the temperature of the earth. So am my house. Unfortunately, I am not affordable to buy an air-con, so I can only suffer from the warmness of the mother nature. Even when I walk to school and back from school, I also can sweat. So, I can say that I sweat everyday.

Am I hate the sweat? Not really, I already get used to it and sweating is a good regulation for body temperature. Of course, after the heavy sweat I need to take bath to get rid of those uncomfortable feeling and smell. So in my life, there are never got "no sweat" this term in my mind. I also never of thinking the ways to get rid from sweating. However, if you sweat during the party, dinner or indoor activity, it does lead to bad body smell to the other. You can't ever just go for bath during any parties or dinner. Therefore, to prevent from the sweating or smell, you can only try not got heavy movement which can cuase you to sweat.

This is the traditional method that really help in prevent sweating. But recently, our market started to develop some products that help you keep your good smell everyday and control your sweating. You will no sweat even you are going for a heavy action or exercise. This kind of product do help a lot of people to improve their social life. They can preserve their great image to everyone.

However, we still have to keep in mind that sweating is our body self-regulation mechanism which help to regulate the body temperature. Don't try to totally get rid from sweating which is consider not healthy. Use the product wisely but not abusely. So for me 'exercise = sweat'  'no exercise = no sweat'~~~!!!

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