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I Caught by Mister Potato!!! @ Mist Club, Bangsar

Before start to read the blog, please help me to nangz it... all Nuffnangers :)

Last thursday, I was purposely went back kl just for 2 things which was Avatar Premier Screening and the Mister Potato Fiesta at Mist Club, Bangsar. For the movie review about Avatar, I would like to delay it first, while now I am going to blog about the Mister Potato Fiesta 2009. So, what make me sacrificed my limited holiday for going back kl to attend this event? It's the prizes of the event which was RM20000 in total as the cash prizes. That's why I would to try my luck for the prize and you all still can visit my old post (No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009) for this contest. So, now let's start to see what was happened during the event.

Mist Club, Bangsar

Group photo before the event started

My solo photo with the Mister Potato Fiesta banner

So here is our name sticker for the identify the participant.

Mist Club, Bangsar is quite near from our house which take around 15-20 mins to reach. Of course, we did spend more time due to lost in Bangsar. (This seem like normal for me already. If I am not lost in the new area in KL, this should only call as abnormal. I should consider to buy a GPS. hahaha...XD)

Just few more photos taken outside the Mist Club

So when we reached the Mist Club, we registered with the nuffnang staff and redeem our goodies bag. The goodies bag included a straw hat and many packs of Mister Potato. I was thinking that wearing the straw hat and act like Luffy which is the main character in One Piece. (I am manga lover XD ). After registered, we still need to wait for around 30 mins to enter the club which is due to some intruments problem. So what was we doing? With the existence of kwongfei, you all sure know that we can't run away from taking photo. So, we spared our time for kwongfei favourite 'photo taking sessions' >.<'''. Suddenly, we saw a lot people start moving and this has been triggered our curiosity about what was happened. Guess what we found? It's Mister Potato. He is so friendly and willing to take photo with us. I also found that he is a humour person because he was trying to use my rib to play as a guitar and sing his favourite song. XD I can't ever escape from it so I only can laugh non-stop.

So, is it the Mister Potato and Mrs Potato???

Mister Potato Costume (I prefer the real person which is the photo up there XD)

Mister Potato and me~~~!!! He sang his trademark 'Mister Potato song' and used my ribs as guitar XD~~~!!!

After waiting for certain time, we was allowed to enter the club and we have been requeted to wear the moustache and the straw hat. So, everyone look so weird and suddenly so many 'Mister Potato' appear around us. So, here we start the party XD~~~!!! PARTY TIME~~~~!!!

Mister Potato Fiesta 2009~~~!!! Let's start the party~~~!!!

Just because we was late entered the party area, there was only left 'nice' seat without chair for us. This mean WHAT??? We have to STAND for whole party!!! T.T Before the official starting of the event, we was served with some soft drinks and appertiser. We were slightly disappointed because there was not providing alcohol drink.

Another photo taking session~~~!!!

Charlene and Kwongfei with different 'colour' XD

"Let' start the PARTY~~~!!!" shouted by Liang, emcee of the night. Here we started with the Ice-Breaking Section and few hampers were giving out. Our friend, nicole was lucky to win one of them. After the ice-breaking, we started to take our meal which has been long-waited by kwongfei. (he is very tam jiak XD)

Emcee of the Night ====> Liang~~~!!!

Mr Pierre, Marketing Manager of Mister Potato ( He is young, right?)

This is the food provided which is quite nice. We did enjoy it XD

After the meal, Liang once again appeared in front of us. The event has move on to #1 Man in Mister Potato Empire Showdown. Few contestants with the nice costume were called up the stage and the judges will start to give the mark. At, the contestants were asked to dance to show their talent. But somehow that, Mr Pierre was found that they are good in dancing and decided to increase one more prize which is the best dancer of the night. The best dancer will go back with RM 1000. The one thousand ringgit has been won by a young guy with impressive jumping backward. The winner of the #1 Man in Mister Potato Empire Showdown will be announced at the end of the event. I think the judges were scatching their head to choose the best 'Mister Potato'. It's no easy to choose who is the winner.

The #1 Man in Mister Potato Empire Showdown contestants

Mister Potato was asking those contestants to follow his dance XD

The Best Dancer of the Night

While the judges were headache to choose, the Hujan was performance their song in the house. Those youngsters have been crazied for them. Everyone was dance together with their music.

HUJAN~~~!!! not raining ya XD

Hujan with Mister Potato Song

Mister Potato danced with Hujan Special song XD

Finally, the winners of the night have been decided. Of course, none of us was winning the prizes XD... Those winners of the night have went back with total RM 20000 cash prizes. Attractive prize??? Definitely~~~!!! At the end, another 11 hampers were giving out through the longest screaming of the 'I LOVE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mister Potato' contest. I am one of the lucky person. XD

Winners of the Night~~~!!! Congratz~~~!!!

I was on the stage to wait for the screaming contest XD

Here is the video clips taken when I was screaming XD.

My hamper and Me~~~!!!

Nicole and kwongfei with their prizes XD

Before end of the party, we were told that there will be after-party celebration and can claim our alcohol free from the bar. But end up, we got nothing to drink and this did cause some disappointment for us. However, after that we just find some place in Bangsar to sit down for a drink. kwongfei was complaining that he is hungry, so we end up in somewhere mamak. We chit chat right there and went back home around 12.30 am.

Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 was nice and we did get a lot of snacks to eat. I think I will be getting fatter after finishing all the snacks. XD Anyone want share the fatness together with me? Don't feel shy to ask the Mister Potato chips from me XD

Christmas's Eve Celebration / Fight with Police 2009 @ Gurney Drive~~~!?!?!?

Hey, everyone~~~!!! How's your all christmas's eve? Either celebrate with family or friends, this day should be a very happening day for you all right? So, just don't let the fast beating heart slowdown. Keep the joy and laugh till the new year~~~~ New Year 2010~~~!!! If you still don't have any plan on how to celebrate the new year, then you must to plan right now because it is right near in our corner. Get prepare and rock for the new year~~~our unique and gonna to be very very enjoy year 2010.

So, how was I celebrating my christmas's eve? I didn't have any plan and I guess there will be many people right outside somewhere to gather and celebrate the joyful day. I can say that I quite hate traffic jam or can't find a parking lots. That's why I didn't plan to celebrate the christmas eve at any hot spot. I just have a normal dinner with my family at paya terubong there. (I would recommend this place later if I got the pic. There has a nice ikan bakar and I fall in love to its sambal. XD) After the dinner, I stayed at home and did something that you and me did everyday which is watching tv drama.

My sister, kc was suggested to go to gurney drive to see how was the celebration there going on. I was interested but still how I was worrying about parking and traffic problem. Another sister of mine, kl assured me that she know a parking area which is most probably vacant all the time. (don't ask me where is it...I won't tell coz if tell you all then next time I can't get the parking slot. XD) When we reached gurney drive, we found that quite a lot of polices and we did not see any happening situation at there. What was in my first thought is may be youngster don't like to celebrate without the snow spray as it was banned since last 2 or 3 years ago. Since, we was there, we took a walk around the gurney drive there. When we on our way back, we saw quite many cars kena tickets (you know what I mean. This can increase our state finance income XD... )

So everyone got any idea about what happened right there? It not suppose be very crowded and everyone was happy and shout right there? Why this year christmas eve celebration will be that so silent? Curious? Let us see the video clips~~~!!!

Yup, that's right. Those youngsters were hitting police as you saw in the clip. So, what is on your mind right now? Gangster? Is that penang youngster? I think penang youngsters have been famous since few years when they threw the spray bottle to the polices and police's car. I was there that time and I thought they will never to offence the law against since the punishment they received previously. Right inside the gurney plaze there was a notice to remind the youngster about the previous unhappy incident occur. I guess not really many people took note about it or didn't even care about it. As a penang people, I did hate those offence to the law which make us lost the chance to play and celebrate the festival with the snow spray. The spray may not the essential tools to celebrate but it did really increase the mood and feel for us about the christmas. So, they not even learn from the previous punishment and even become worst and worst. The most important issue is they don't know how to appreciate the thing they had on their hand. They just want to do whatever thing to show their existence in the world. This would one of the pyschological problem. The social structure has been changed and the education system should be also improve to follow the path of development of the world. Current parent just give whatever their child want in material aspect but they forget to take care the child with their heart. I think most important thing is the parent need to show their care to their child and spend more time with them.

As conclusion, this issue is not only youngster problem, but I think it is most probably a social problem which we should look seriously into it. We don't want the future generation become the gangster as showed in this video clip.

Say No to Vandalism and Gangster~~~!!! Peace 2010 :)

At last, my family and me did went to McD for supper and count down at there. Hopefully, the new year's eve celebration will not like the christmas's eve celebration. Wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~~~!!!

Cousins Gathering @ Starbucks, New World Park

Recently, I was pretty busy till no time to manage and upload my blog. I think most of the people right now is enjoying their holiday at home due the Christmas and upcoming New Year. So, right here I would like to wish everyone

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~~~!!!

So, now I just want to update the my cousins gathering at starbucks. Who attended the gathering??? They were chieyang, ker lin, ker chia, szer lik, zheng lik and me. Chee Chie was promised to come but he failed to attend the gathering which made all of us disappointed. While his sister, Ker Ee needed study for the other day exam. Let's we see those attender's pictures and see how they rock the night~~~!!!

chieyang, always the youngest "participant" of our cousin event

zhenglik, who also known as yamlou (translate yourself into cantonese)

kerchia enjoy her java chips~~~!!!

kerlin with her mocha~~~!!

szerlik and me who are latte lover (unfortunately, we don't have any photo with our drinks:( )

So when you all have a drink in starbucks, what you all can do??? chatting??? surfing??? reading??? listening music??? or fb"ing" (you all should know what I mean right???) Neither of these activities we did in starbucks. We played poker :) We all like to play "chor dai dee" and we did play when we meet each other. Of course, some people like kerchia and szerlik did not like to play, they start to chit chat about some topic and discussion what to do on the upcoming day. We also discuss someone "scandals" like zhenglik. :p ask me if you are interested on it. XD

Poker game, it's aint boring as always you thought. We did shout, quarrel, cheat and we did whatever we can do to win. Here is some 'intersting' pictures about the poker game.

Poker Player start from left side: chieyang, zhenglik and ker lin

Of as Dai Dee King~~~~!!! hahaha XD

As I said before, we try to cheat. But this time I was caught~~~!!! Who know to play should know why I was caught...

I get punishment which they no allowed me to speak or drink.... :X   T.T so sad

Everyone is focus to win the game. None of us will let the other win the game. See how are they focus on game. XD

kerlin, The Gamble Queen

chieyang, The Future Gamble King

So there was a game, chieyang win the game without any notification and zhenglik was extremely shock for it. See what he has done~~~!!! He hit the table and make the drink spill to everyone. >.<'''

See what zhenglik done???

Take a closer view~~~!!!

He felt shame about what he has done~~~!!!

I just passed him some tissue to rub off his tear.
*Guy should not drop tear~~~!!!

The winner and loser~~~!!! (I like this photo XD)

Before we want to leave, we gave a call to cheechie who promised to come the gathering but without showed any appearance in front of us. And we received a rumour that he want out yum cha with his friends. Of course, I got his excuse is he went there around 12 am and can't find us. >.<''' Brother~~~!!! so late le~~~!!! We all are good boy and we sure went back home le la. hahaha.

The view of the New World Park. Some Christmas decoration.

Guess who is taller in the pic??? You sure get the answer right??? XD

At the end, zhenglik was sent we all back to our home. This gathering was nice and we did enjoy to chat and play with other. Of course, we are going to have more gathering in the upcoming day and have fun with each other.