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No Strings Attached

No strings attached??? What does it mean??? What I can imagine is the internet that do not need any cable or wire...In other word, it mean that wireless broadband. As I mentioned in previous post, we are now able to enjoy the wireless broadband due to the technology development. It is not a dream now that you can online everywhere.

Why we need the development of technology? It is because technology development definitely improve our quality of life style. We can enjoy the wonderful moment in our life and it does really bring the convinient to us. However, we should neither get lazy or too rely on the technology. Come to the wireless stuff! Now we can just online in anywhere as long as we in the coverage of the internet. Yup, you are not dreaming, our country really is developing and it will grow advancely in one day. You no need to restrict to online on your table but you can now online everywhere even on your bed or toilet. You can stick to your facebook or google 24 hour at everywhere.

The speed of the internet is getting faster as well and you not need to complain the turtle speed of the internet connection anymore. Lagging~~~!!! I think most probably we are not going to listen such complain on the internet service anymore since our government is going to develop and improve their internet cable which is going to upgrade to the optic cable in few years time. Then, our internet connection speed can increase in few turns. So, the wireless broadband will definitely the first choice of everyone. In the future, noone will attached to the string and neither the internet.


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Wen Pink said...

whoaaa... you also blog about this...!!!