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Sbaahh..Ops!!! is SABAH!!!

As I mentioned in previous post, I will be posted to other place once I done my 1 year Provisionally Registered Pharmacist (PRP). Don't know consider lucky or not, for the PRP year, I get posted to Penang and worked in Hospital Pulau Pinang (HPP). Once mentioned Penang, the Penang food will come in everyone mind or may you all may think about the Penang Bridge.


*All photos copied from web :)

Penang is well known as food paradise, but at here I am not going to intro you all about penang food nor tourism place. Penang absolutely a nice place to live, but HPP was not a good place for me to work. My friend should know that I am a lazy bump, I hate the heavy work load. And who knows that I am so lucky to get HPP as my PRP housemanship. HPP is known as 'second busiest hospital' in whole Malaysia. And so you can imagine HPP just get 13-15 PRPs for the year which compared to HKL (the busiest hospital) more than 40 PRPs. The work load here just simply make all PRPs suffocated.

However, after done 1 year PRP, we will just get a new posting to other place or will be 'luckily' retained at the same hospital. Don't know I consider lucky or not, I get posted to Sabah and I am not so wanted to go Sabah. So I did appeal and I failed! So no choice, I will need to go Sabah to work in the coming year. 1 year, perhaps 2 or 3 years?!?! No one will know it, only god will know. Wish me all the best ba! :)

Sabah Here I Come!!!

ops...over-excited d!!! I may not even get a nice place in Sabah, not matter what

see you all in

Sabah!!! :)