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An Easy IDD Call through iTalkWhoa!

What is IDD call? IDD is stand for International Direct Dialling which is an international telephone call dialled by the caller rather than going via an operator. So how can we make the call? International calls are made by dialling the international call prefix for the country one is in, followed by the country calling code for the country one wishes to call, then the phone number within that country. When phone numbers are published for use abroad, they typically include the country calling code, but replace the international call prefix with "+" to signify that the caller should use the prefix appropriate for their country.

There is roughly concept about the IDD call. When we need the IDD call? Don't scold me stupid because I asked such stupid question. The main reason for you to use the IDD call must be someone that you want to call is currently not in local which mean may be he/she is currently at oversea. As we know that, the rate to make an international call is not really cheap at all. It may juz cost up to few hundred ringit for a monthly bill. If you got anyone important stay at oversea or yourself is going to oversea and you just can't lost contact with anyone in local, then you have to be prepared to pay a huge amount for making the call.

However, currently iTalkWhoa! is offering some relatively cheap package for you to make the IDD call. You can enjoy the lowest rate of making the international call. The calling rate is as lowest as RM0.05/min for you to call to USA no matter fixed or mobile line. Attractive right? You not only can make the international call through phone but you also can make the call through the computer. And it is really easy to use iTalkWhoa! through computer because it is well-designed and user-friendly. It is really convienient for everyone and you can just make the call anywhere and anytime.

Perhaps one day I will just go oversea for further study or my sister will do so. I think that iTalkWhoa! will definitely a good choice for me to make call back to Malaysia. I can just enjoy the calling and talking to my family without worry about the high amount of phone calling gonna charged on me. We can just keep in touch daily. :)

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