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Astro B.yond Bloggers Night @ Modesto's Sri Hartamas

So juz right before we start to talk about the awesome blogger night, I have been prepared a video clip which impact you with some idea of what exactly happened. Although the video might not as clear as Astro B.yond HD Commercial but still how I hope you all will like it. Enjoy the CSI @ Astro B.yond Blogger Night~~~!!!

11st December 2009, was the official date for the lauching of the astro. However, the nuffnang bloggers have been invited to attend the Astro B.yond Blogger Nite at the 13rd January 2010. My friends and me were the lucky one to be given the chance to attend the blogger nite. It has been held in Modesto's Sri Hartamas, which is around 30 mins from cheras to there. As usual we must been lost in the town for sometime before we can find the place XD.

 Here we are in the Modesto's Sri Hartamas

Picture with the Astro banner :)

Here is our Goodie Bags...see what we get XD

Here we started our party~~~~!!!! Weee~~~!!!

Emcee of the Night

Officiating by Chief Operating Officer, Mr Henry Tan (he looks young right??? XD)

He was proudly prensent us the Astro B.yond TV Commercial in High Definition (HD) which was the first time present to the public and also their staff. Quite surprising, we have became the 1st batch in the World to watch this fanstatic Astro B.yond TV Commercial in HD. I STRONGLY recommend you all watch in 720p HD which will really give you a great surprise. Hey guy~~~!!! Just enjoy with the First ever HD TV commercial~~~!!!

See~~~!!! Everyone so concentrate to watch the Astro B.yond HD Commercial~~~!!!

So as wannah and the Astro COO...btw wannah was look so fierce...hahaha

Without further delay to the progress of the nite, all the bloggers can start to have their meal. Of course, we all still haven't took our dinner and start to move to hunt for our food :).. KF and me just help the girls to take their which 3 big plates. Basically, everyone was so excited to the party and only KF has a good appertise to help us clean up all the food. hahaha.

Our food of the night...Seriously the food provided is very tasty... :)

Well, someone was offering us some drinks XD

How possible we don't have drink in the Party??? Tiger Beer :)

Charlene with with sausage....I am so healthy :)

The Drum Performance~~~~!!! See the video below...

After the wonderful dinner, the Hui Bing, one of the famous blogger started to call up every blogger which mean that it's game time. Surprisingly, we have to find out murder who is hidden among us. Few clues were given and everyone was crazy for it. Suddenly, everyone become so serious and busy to seek for the murder. What has been motivated them??? Sure is the prize given which was LG 32" HDTV and Astro B.yond subscription for 1 year. Nice right??? so sad that our team did not manage to win the prize.

Huai Bing, the one lead the game which we can called as Game Master (GM) XD

Well there is limitation no. of team for us to join.. we were lucky to become the 2nd team registered with Robb.

Here is some clues for the crime....can you guess who is the murder???

If you can't...juz let me detective Sherlock Chek to tell you...XD

I am seriously analyse every evidence...

Wannah, Killer????

However, our team did not manage to win. The winner going to KY team. Huai Bing was then demonstrate the play back of the crime scene.

Huai Bing was killed~~~!!!

They were try to act like huai bin XD...wen pink and sam :)

Here is the winner photo...quite envy on him :(

Everyone start to gone wild~~~!!!

Group Photo with the bloggers :)

Photo with Astro COO Mr Henry Tan

Photo with Robb. :)

At Here, I would to wish Astro B.yond can get as many as subscription as can...

What do you know about see, hear, experience, feel and touch??? Astro can provide you the new era for all of this...

1. Experience like never before

High Definition broadcast will enable viewers to enjoy approximately 5 times the detail of standard definition television broadcast.

2. See like never before

At 720p and 1080i broadcast, there is at least 2 times resolution and 5 times greater in detail, sharpness and clarity. You will also see lifelike images with greater true to life colours.

3. Hear like near before

With the Dolby Digital technology, you will experience the multi-dimensional audio as in the cinema right in your living room.

4. Touch like never before

Broadcasts include new features such as 7 days’ programme guide for one-touch convenience.

5. Feel like never before

Broadcasts images are in a 16:9 aspect ratio of which you can enjoy panoramic widescreen viewing.

Glory for Astro B.yond~~~~!!!

Further information, please visit Astro B.yond

*PS: Here one of the video I make...may not good...but still hope you all like it :)

First Day in Class for the LAST SEM in UCSI~~~!!!

This is my University and I will spend another few months with her XD

So, finally I manage to reach my last sem for my bachelor programme. It will be nice that I can finish it and graduate on time. However, I still heard a lot of negative feedback about the working experience after graduation. Hopefully, my housemanship in hospital will not dismay me as other experienced right now. XD. Optimistic right??? hahaha...

Front View of UCSI

What was happened in my first day class for the last semester? Actually, it is nothing special which was just a usual briefing given by Dr. Yeung. We have been told about our University's and Faculty's vision and mission. I think all of my coursemate should have a great impression about what is regarding to vision and mission. Nightmare??? hahaha...

Right after the vision and mission, we were presented by Dr. Yeung about our previous sem result and as compared with senior result. I can see from the date given, overall our result was worser as compare with our senior batch. I have been expected such situation before the briefing started. However, I still get shock after knowing the big gap between our result and senior batch. It's kinda of de-motivated and depressing everyone in the class.

But still how, Dr Yeung did motivate us and encouraged we all to work harder and improve our weakness for this sem. She did suggest and advise our class get united and work as a team. She used senior batch as example to strenghten that work as a team could ever make our study get easier and it is a pathway to the success. Could ever our batch practice as what senior did??? This is a question mark which need to be discovered by you and me. No more small more small gang...we should work as a team and move in one piece XD...Hopefully we can do it~~~!!! BE UNITED, Everyone~~~!!!

This sem all the research students are kinda of free because we just need to take 10 credit subjects. Due to that, Dr. Yeung was request us to study harder and get a better result for this sem. She helps us to set the target to score 4 As in this sem. hahaha... Seem like ridiculous...quite hard to establish the target goal... however, I should study harder right?? XD will try my best as I always said before. XD 4 flat for this sem...hahaha~~~!!! woohoo~~~!!!

EVERYONE study HARDER and BE UNITED this sem... WE shall get BETTER result....

Never REGRET for the last sem ya~~~!!!!

At, here is the night view of my school~~~~!!!

beautiful??? XD

Happy New Year~~~!!! Here is it 2010~~~!!!

My Friends and Family~~~!!!

Happy New Year~~~!!!
Welcome to 2010~~~!!!

So how was your new year's eve celebration? Great??? Crazy??? Drunk??? Rock??? No matter how you new year's eve going on, you still have to reach 2010 and the life will still going on. So, just don't let yourself down due to overexcited or whatever. Of course, if you want to spare with me about how crazy of your new year's eve, you can just leave message down here and share with how happy was you.

So I just want to wish my friends and family  Happy New Year~~~!!! A better 2010 than 2009~~~~!!!

Everyone get Healthy, Richer and Smarter~~~~!!!

A Big Moon at the Last Nite of 2009~~~!!! Anyone saw it???
A Wonderful Ending of 2009~~~!!!

Let's START to enjoy with your 1st day in 2010~~~!!!!