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My Favourite Surfing Spot

As usual, I have given a title to write the post regarding the Project Alpha. This week the title is 'My Favourite Surfing Spot'. Is it an easy title for me or you? Definitely, this gonna to be an easy topic for everyone. Wifi is not really consider a new technology for us but it really make you a changes to your surfing place. With the wifi, you can even surf in your bedroom, toilet, kitchen, and whenever the place you can imagine. So, you won't just miss the conversation whenever you are doing your business in the toilet.

So what is my favourite sufing spot? I always surf the internet in the my room. But sometimes I will also surf the internet in different places such my friends house, school, library and even star buck. All of the place is kinda a good environment for me to surfing. Can you imagine that you are surfing the internet while drinking the starbuck latte? Kinda nice ya. That's why starbusk is one of my favourite surfing spot. A good and silent environment would be the best spot for me to surf. Another ideal spot is my bedroom and on my bed. I can just go into sleep whenever I feel tired. Kinda lazy right? hahaha :)

Undeniable, nowadays everyone has surf internet everyday and there are many many website where they always surf around. I guess most of the people is surfing the facebook everyday. Don't you? Most of the people (not really just youngster but also the other age level people) are facebook addict or facebook maniac. The famous of facebook is always in my expectation which it is rank no.2 in alexa ranking. This means that it has worldwide no. 2 amount of visitors. For yesterday statistic, it has 31.6% of the internet users have reach the It's really huge numbers of visitors. With the wifi such as P1wimax, the facebook addict can even assess the facebook in anywhere.

Stages of Facebook Addiction:

Mild: once or twice a day.
Moderate: every few hours.
Severe: every single minute.

So which you are? I think I just at the moderate stage. lolz. Definitely, facebook is one of my favourite surfing spot. Once I online, I sure will login into facebook to check for any update.

What would you do if you can't access facebook for one day???

Will you frustrated for it? if you did, go for facebook detoxification. XD

So, do you think facebook will lost the visitors or die in one day?

I can answer you...definitely NOT~~~!!!

Other than facebook, I also like to surf to nuffnang website (to check my earning and traffic), Kwong Wah Jit Poh (read the online news article), Malaysiakini (for the updated politic news), Project Alpha (to check the update of the Project Alpha Season 2), Google (My favourite search engine), the comic forum and of course my own blog => (to check the comments you all given).

Google as one of my favourite surfing website, I always use google for searching the information that I need for my assignment. It always a good helper and fastest search engine. Since it is so convinient, it not only as my fovourite search engine but also for most of the people. It has the most visitors to it at the most time which is the No. 1 rank in the alexa ranking. So, have you google today? 'Google' this word has become a verb which everyone like to use it. It bring the meaning about search.

So friends, have you all GOOGLE today??? 

and also don't forget to facebook ya :p

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