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My Busy Life for my Last Sem~~~!!!

Since it is the last sem of my study, I need to attend for the clinical clerkship at HKL and do all those hectic and troublesome report. This is reason that I can't really blog after the CNY. I am very very very busy for that. (hahaha...some of my friends will say that I am not really look so busy...but it really make me busy for somehow...)

The main purpose that I write this pose is to tell you all the reason that I am keep on updating and reply you all. I can just drag some time to tell everyone that I am not able to update the blog frequently like before. I will try my best to reply all comments and also the cbox.

Btw, if you interested to know more about my lastest update, you all can just follow me in my twitter. I still able to leave a short comment and update through the twitter. Perhaps after exam, I can start again enjoy the joy of blogging. See ya everyone. :)


Rajes said...

like what u said about what we will say... u bz meh???

chiechek said...

That's what I expect from you la.. XD...really busy la...if compare with before...XD