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I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

I wanna be a Project Alpha TV Star~~~!!! I think this will be a target or goal for every bloggers. I believe everyone have dream ever before as the famous star. To be a featured blogger, we need to fulfill few criterias which including writing skill, photo shooting skill, video recording skill, creative and of course we need the courage that dare to act and dare to show yourself.

What do you have? What can you attract the people attention? Talented people should not be worry. What they have to do is just to show their talent which mean just need to act as normal. Video shot for them is just consider a piece of cake for them. But for 'not so' talent people, what can they do to attract people? As a TV Star, your ability to draw people attention is very very important which will determine your TV star life span. If you found that you are not talented in anything, you don't have to give up like that. You may be have your own talent but you just haven't discover it yet. Look at the mirror and think about your past and dig what ever experience you have. Possible, you can just discover your talent. If really can't find it, you just need to learn now which may take a lot of time or you need just to show some creativity to the audiences.

'No so' talented people don't worry. Although you may a normal person, as you show your confidence in the shot, you may another SUPER Project Alpha TV Star! And I may just sit at home and watch your performance. Come on, my friend! Show me your shot!

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My Busy Life for my Last Sem~~~!!!

Since it is the last sem of my study, I need to attend for the clinical clerkship at HKL and do all those hectic and troublesome report. This is reason that I can't really blog after the CNY. I am very very very busy for that. (hahaha...some of my friends will say that I am not really look so busy...but it really make me busy for somehow...)

The main purpose that I write this pose is to tell you all the reason that I am keep on updating and reply you all. I can just drag some time to tell everyone that I am not able to update the blog frequently like before. I will try my best to reply all comments and also the cbox.

Btw, if you interested to know more about my lastest update, you all can just follow me in my twitter. I still able to leave a short comment and update through the twitter. Perhaps after exam, I can start again enjoy the joy of blogging. See ya everyone. :)

No Sweat

Sweat is quite a common for you and me. I do sweat. I can even say that I sweat everyday. If you wonder why I am sweating everyday, then let me tell you the reasons. I got a lot of reasons that cause me to sweat. I sweat when I am exercise. I sweat when weather hot and now it is consider as the hot season. Few raining recently which lead to the increase of the temperature of the earth. So am my house. Unfortunately, I am not affordable to buy an air-con, so I can only suffer from the warmness of the mother nature. Even when I walk to school and back from school, I also can sweat. So, I can say that I sweat everyday.

Am I hate the sweat? Not really, I already get used to it and sweating is a good regulation for body temperature. Of course, after the heavy sweat I need to take bath to get rid of those uncomfortable feeling and smell. So in my life, there are never got "no sweat" this term in my mind. I also never of thinking the ways to get rid from sweating. However, if you sweat during the party, dinner or indoor activity, it does lead to bad body smell to the other. You can't ever just go for bath during any parties or dinner. Therefore, to prevent from the sweating or smell, you can only try not got heavy movement which can cuase you to sweat.

This is the traditional method that really help in prevent sweating. But recently, our market started to develop some products that help you keep your good smell everyday and control your sweating. You will no sweat even you are going for a heavy action or exercise. This kind of product do help a lot of people to improve their social life. They can preserve their great image to everyone.

However, we still have to keep in mind that sweating is our body self-regulation mechanism which help to regulate the body temperature. Don't try to totally get rid from sweating which is consider not healthy. Use the product wisely but not abusely. So for me 'exercise = sweat'  'no exercise = no sweat'~~~!!!

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My Favourite Surfing Spot

As usual, I have given a title to write the post regarding the Project Alpha. This week the title is 'My Favourite Surfing Spot'. Is it an easy title for me or you? Definitely, this gonna to be an easy topic for everyone. Wifi is not really consider a new technology for us but it really make you a changes to your surfing place. With the wifi, you can even surf in your bedroom, toilet, kitchen, and whenever the place you can imagine. So, you won't just miss the conversation whenever you are doing your business in the toilet.

So what is my favourite sufing spot? I always surf the internet in the my room. But sometimes I will also surf the internet in different places such my friends house, school, library and even star buck. All of the place is kinda a good environment for me to surfing. Can you imagine that you are surfing the internet while drinking the starbuck latte? Kinda nice ya. That's why starbusk is one of my favourite surfing spot. A good and silent environment would be the best spot for me to surf. Another ideal spot is my bedroom and on my bed. I can just go into sleep whenever I feel tired. Kinda lazy right? hahaha :)

Undeniable, nowadays everyone has surf internet everyday and there are many many website where they always surf around. I guess most of the people is surfing the facebook everyday. Don't you? Most of the people (not really just youngster but also the other age level people) are facebook addict or facebook maniac. The famous of facebook is always in my expectation which it is rank no.2 in alexa ranking. This means that it has worldwide no. 2 amount of visitors. For yesterday statistic, it has 31.6% of the internet users have reach the It's really huge numbers of visitors. With the wifi such as P1wimax, the facebook addict can even assess the facebook in anywhere.

Stages of Facebook Addiction:

Mild: once or twice a day.
Moderate: every few hours.
Severe: every single minute.

So which you are? I think I just at the moderate stage. lolz. Definitely, facebook is one of my favourite surfing spot. Once I online, I sure will login into facebook to check for any update.

What would you do if you can't access facebook for one day???

Will you frustrated for it? if you did, go for facebook detoxification. XD

So, do you think facebook will lost the visitors or die in one day?

I can answer you...definitely NOT~~~!!!

Other than facebook, I also like to surf to nuffnang website (to check my earning and traffic), Kwong Wah Jit Poh (read the online news article), Malaysiakini (for the updated politic news), Project Alpha (to check the update of the Project Alpha Season 2), Google (My favourite search engine), the comic forum and of course my own blog => (to check the comments you all given).

Google as one of my favourite surfing website, I always use google for searching the information that I need for my assignment. It always a good helper and fastest search engine. Since it is so convinient, it not only as my fovourite search engine but also for most of the people. It has the most visitors to it at the most time which is the No. 1 rank in the alexa ranking. So, have you google today? 'Google' this word has become a verb which everyone like to use it. It bring the meaning about search.

So friends, have you all GOOGLE today??? 

and also don't forget to facebook ya :p

There are so many things you can do with P1; check out the video below!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

I'm going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

Gatsby~~~!!! If someone mention about Gatsby, what will come in your mind first? For me, I will definitely think about it's Hair Wax Moving Rubber series. Don't you? The Hair Wax Moving Rubber series definitely represent the name of Gatsby.

I am also one the Gatsby Hair Wax Moving Rubber supporter~~~~~!!! I am using the Moving Rubber  Grunge Mat~~~!!!

There is also instruction to teach how to get the Grunge Mat Look~~~!!!

So, it is so user-friendly~~~!!! You not only buy the hair wax but also the skill to set your hair. Perhaps the Grunge Mat is not suitable or match your style, you can try the other products in this Moving Rubber series such as:

There will definitely one of them can match your need or requirement. Gatsby definitely a lovely company who really consider every different style of the different people and even the different length of the hair.

So I just received an email tonight morning, there will be a Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair which is promoting its new Deodorant products. I am the lucky one to get the invitation to attend the Street Fair. Here is the detail of the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair,

Date: 17th April 2010

Time: 10am till 5pm

Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.
So, everyone just clear and mark your calendar on the 17th April 2010! Come attend the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair together~~~!!! There are going to be lucky draws and we have various cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000 up for grabs! Among the exciting fun-fair games on that day - Sumo Wrestling (in air bag suits!), gladiator battles and other amusing and addictive games you would expect at a fun-fair! Does it attractive? If really did, why not you just come to join us~~~!!!

Here is one type of Gatsby Deodorant product:

Anti Perspirant Roll on deodorant
Special Features

  • o-CYMEN-5-OL + TRICLOSAN for antiseptic effects & reduce bad odor

  • Anti Perspirant Agent (ACH) gives you dry and comfort
How to Use

  • Remove cap, turn container upside down and apply.

Content : NET 60ml
Interested for the deodorant??? Just come the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair on 17th April 2010 from 10 am to 5 pm at Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.
Any further infomation regarding to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair please visit the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair Official Web Site or

"Don't shout to me" shouted by An Ignorance UCSI Girl

When you shout to ask people don't shout at you, would you think people will listen to you? Is it logic? This just happened in UCSI. Let me share the story with you! Then you will get a better picture on it.

My friend went to library to print the report which need to pass up tomorrow. He always the last minute which is just like me. I also want to print the report so I just ask he go to queue up first cause our lovely school printer always 'attract' many people there. I just sit downstair and continue discuss some stuff with my other friends. After 30 mins, I just went up and saw my friend still in the queue which will be the 2nd in the order to get the printer. However, I saw the crowd of people right in front of him got whole stack of plain papers to print. So I just went to the other printer and queue for printing. After 15 mins, my friend started to lose patience and ask me roughly how long he had wait for the printer. I looked at my watch...OMG almost 45 mins and the crowd of people were still printing their documents.

I just tried to take a look on what were they printing guess what is that? It is a survey form which is 2 papers and printed in double side. However, the printer can only print for single page so what they did is just manually duplex the paper so can print for both side. Just imagine how long is it gonna to take. Not only that, they were printing for huge amount of the survey sets which gonna to take a long. Between after they done some printing, they just distribute it in the computer lab and asked other to fill up the survery form. So, can you figure it out now? I just can't understand why they were duplicating the survey form through printer but not straight away go for photostat. Perhaps they just don't know what is photostat machine.
This is the printer they used for double side printing.

Sakai...This is Photostat Machine la~~~!!!!

So, finally my friend just lost his patience and ask the girl that is she still going to print and told her about they have been occupied for too long. That girl was kinda not happy on that but she still said ok that they will move after few more printings. Meanwhile, another girl whose went to distribute the survey form just back and she was told by her friend about this. She just turn back and asked my friend that is he wanna to print. hahaha.... Kinda ridiculous right? If my friend was not going to print what is the point he queue behind them. If you are a guy, you sure will frustrated with this. So, my friend just raised up his voice and told her yes.

Now, get into the funny part. The girl sudden a huge reaction, she just shouted to my friend: "can you just don't shout on me? I don't like people to shout at me." And she just keep repeated that no shout no shout no shout for few times with her "shouting" voice. Of course, if you meet the situation like that, can you continue to argue with her? I just right beside of my friend, I just can shake head. Why this world got such people? Of course, my friend don't want to argue with such ignorance girl so he just selective ignore her. Then, the crowd people was leaving after but that ignorance girl just keep talking about it with her friends in Bahasa Indonesia which I can't really understand.

Don't ever try to argue with the Shouting Girl. 

It is funny right? When you let people wait for such long time, you still dare to ask people about such stupid question. Furthermore, shouting on people to ask them not to shout. Not ridiculous enough? What I can said is she is totally an ignorance girl, which we no need to talk to her and forgive her ignorance. Till now, I still remember her LANCI FACE...hahaha....hard to forget...

So friends....Just remember whenever got people shout on you.... YOU SHOULD JUST SHOUT BACK


I Just Love Good Smelling People

Are you having a good smell??? I don't think anyone would know whether he or she is good smelling or not. Why will you yourself can't ever know your own smell??? Actually, it is just something work with your nose which got olfactory receptor. Your olfactory receptor will be get adapt to your own smell after exposure life-long with it. Adapt??? Every our body receptor can be adapt to the sense in different speed. Some of it can be adapt in few minutes or second while some of it may take even day, week and month to adapt. Well, the olfactory receptor is consider can adapt to the smell quite rapidly which you can try smell something awful smell but  in next couple minute you can start to adapt the smell and do not so resistant to the smell.

So, don't tell other that you do not smell badly because you yourself didn't smell it. BUT other people did. Ok, now what is the causes of the smell??? not taking bath??? sweating??? due to some foods you eaten??? cloth smell??? there are variety of the reasons that cause you get bad smelling. For a guy, we like sport. Aint't you guys..???? Of course, sport will cause sweat. Sweat like raining. So, the sweating will can the bad smelling of your body which is gonna to spoilt your gentleman image. May be your friends do not dare to speak it up but you yourself have to notice it so can perserve your imej. The normal solution as I can see from some people is they are using the deodorant juz like adidas action 3. It can definite cover your awful smell.

So remember don't let the people around smell bad as you also don't want to smell the odor around you. Let we all love the good smelling people and everyone around us will be good smelling forever. XD

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Best Bits of Project Alpha Season 1

Woohoo~~~~!!! Finally, Season 2 of Project Alpha will premiere on April 19, 2010, and which we can catch the show on when it airs. So, it is really soon which is around 2 more weeks from now. Excited? Let's we all wait for the Season 2 of Project Alpha on the air. Can't wait for it? but still how you need to wait for it :p...

So first of all, anyone know what is Project Alpha? Seriously, I got no idea and not even interested on it as the Season 1 on air last year. I started to watch the show just right after my friend won a contest on it. Basically, it is just a show which you can catch online with the charming host jojostruys which all the featured bloggers. Well, there were 7 of the featured bloggers interviewed in the season 1 who were Kennysia, Sixthseal, Fourfeetnine, Nicolekiss, Redmummy, BeautifulNara and Budiey. If you miss it before, now you can catch it back thru All the videos are available online. Don't miss the chance to know better about those featured bloggers.

For the best bits of project alpha season 1, I personally think that I am more prefer Nicolekiss episode as she travel around the world. She did share with everyone about her trips and those amazing, touching and special things that she met when she travel. I like the diving part the most which I am thinking of going to dive once I graduate. Hopefully I got the chance to dive. Anyone want to sponsor me??? Perhap Project Alpha Season N. XD...

While during the show, you can know that how the featured bloggers blog frequently and what kind of topics they are going to blog. So, will it really inspired those new bloggers like to me? There is no question on it.

Here is one of the part of the Nicolekiss in Project Alpha Season 1. Enjoy it~~~!!!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.