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I Just Love Good Smelling People

Are you having a good smell??? I don't think anyone would know whether he or she is good smelling or not. Why will you yourself can't ever know your own smell??? Actually, it is just something work with your nose which got olfactory receptor. Your olfactory receptor will be get adapt to your own smell after exposure life-long with it. Adapt??? Every our body receptor can be adapt to the sense in different speed. Some of it can be adapt in few minutes or second while some of it may take even day, week and month to adapt. Well, the olfactory receptor is consider can adapt to the smell quite rapidly which you can try smell something awful smell but  in next couple minute you can start to adapt the smell and do not so resistant to the smell.

So, don't tell other that you do not smell badly because you yourself didn't smell it. BUT other people did. Ok, now what is the causes of the smell??? not taking bath??? sweating??? due to some foods you eaten??? cloth smell??? there are variety of the reasons that cause you get bad smelling. For a guy, we like sport. Aint't you guys..???? Of course, sport will cause sweat. Sweat like raining. So, the sweating will can the bad smelling of your body which is gonna to spoilt your gentleman image. May be your friends do not dare to speak it up but you yourself have to notice it so can perserve your imej. The normal solution as I can see from some people is they are using the deodorant juz like adidas action 3. It can definite cover your awful smell.

So remember don't let the people around smell bad as you also don't want to smell the odor around you. Let we all love the good smelling people and everyone around us will be good smelling forever. XD

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Nikel Khor said...

erm,okok...sama sama earn money

from Nikel Khor

Joe said...

of the fabric in use, also can affect one's body odor