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Cousins Gathering @ Starbucks, New World Park

Recently, I was pretty busy till no time to manage and upload my blog. I think most of the people right now is enjoying their holiday at home due the Christmas and upcoming New Year. So, right here I would like to wish everyone

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~~~!!!

So, now I just want to update the my cousins gathering at starbucks. Who attended the gathering??? They were chieyang, ker lin, ker chia, szer lik, zheng lik and me. Chee Chie was promised to come but he failed to attend the gathering which made all of us disappointed. While his sister, Ker Ee needed study for the other day exam. Let's we see those attender's pictures and see how they rock the night~~~!!!

chieyang, always the youngest "participant" of our cousin event

zhenglik, who also known as yamlou (translate yourself into cantonese)

kerchia enjoy her java chips~~~!!!

kerlin with her mocha~~~!!

szerlik and me who are latte lover (unfortunately, we don't have any photo with our drinks:( )

So when you all have a drink in starbucks, what you all can do??? chatting??? surfing??? reading??? listening music??? or fb"ing" (you all should know what I mean right???) Neither of these activities we did in starbucks. We played poker :) We all like to play "chor dai dee" and we did play when we meet each other. Of course, some people like kerchia and szerlik did not like to play, they start to chit chat about some topic and discussion what to do on the upcoming day. We also discuss someone "scandals" like zhenglik. :p ask me if you are interested on it. XD

Poker game, it's aint boring as always you thought. We did shout, quarrel, cheat and we did whatever we can do to win. Here is some 'intersting' pictures about the poker game.

Poker Player start from left side: chieyang, zhenglik and ker lin

Of as Dai Dee King~~~~!!! hahaha XD

As I said before, we try to cheat. But this time I was caught~~~!!! Who know to play should know why I was caught...

I get punishment which they no allowed me to speak or drink.... :X   T.T so sad

Everyone is focus to win the game. None of us will let the other win the game. See how are they focus on game. XD

kerlin, The Gamble Queen

chieyang, The Future Gamble King

So there was a game, chieyang win the game without any notification and zhenglik was extremely shock for it. See what he has done~~~!!! He hit the table and make the drink spill to everyone. >.<'''

See what zhenglik done???

Take a closer view~~~!!!

He felt shame about what he has done~~~!!!

I just passed him some tissue to rub off his tear.
*Guy should not drop tear~~~!!!

The winner and loser~~~!!! (I like this photo XD)

Before we want to leave, we gave a call to cheechie who promised to come the gathering but without showed any appearance in front of us. And we received a rumour that he want out yum cha with his friends. Of course, I got his excuse is he went there around 12 am and can't find us. >.<''' Brother~~~!!! so late le~~~!!! We all are good boy and we sure went back home le la. hahaha.

The view of the New World Park. Some Christmas decoration.

Guess who is taller in the pic??? You sure get the answer right??? XD

At the end, zhenglik was sent we all back to our home. This gathering was nice and we did enjoy to chat and play with other. Of course, we are going to have more gathering in the upcoming day and have fun with each other.


Nikel Khor said...

play poker at starbucks..keke

visit me at Nikel Khor

Charlene said...

hoho...go starbuck also din ask me...dun wan fren wif u liao la...

ღ ę ł į ė ღ ツ said...

of course kerchia is the tallest. xd

Yummy~licious said...

wat a nice cousins gathering... nanged u!

Lavanya said...

vahoo its nice articles... thanks for sharing ur blog....