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Birthday Dinner @ Hard Rock Cafe??? The Ship???

Here we are~~~!!!

After the Suprise Birthday Celebration, I never thought that I will gonna to have another celebration again. And well, seemed like my family has already planned to give me a continuously suprise till the end of the 15th of Dec. They have a discussion about where to have the dinner for my birthday. So, we did know that the recently opened Hard Rock Hotel got a nice cafe right there and thanks the information from my cousin Zheng Lik and Szer Lik, we notice that the Hard Rock Cafe do serve a nice environment and western food right there.

Ker Lin has suggested to dine in the Hard Rock Cafe, while chieyang was second it (who is very very very like to eat western food and we so called him as "tam chia"XD). So, we decided to move to Hard Rock Hotel @ Batu Ferringgi. Everyone did feel great and excited about dining in Hard Rock Cafe. After around 30 mins of car ride, we reached the Hard Rock Cafe and it really look great from its outer appearance. I can't wait to take the photo on it. Unfortunately, Ker Lin was took the camera and not allow me to touch so called her camera.

Family Photo without Ker Lin and me (coz we were fighting for the camera XD)

Right outside of the Hard Rock Cafe. Ker Chia and Michael Jackson :)

Inside the Hard Rock Cafe??? Nope...It is inside The Ship~~~!!! What???

So I think everyone must be confused for it already. Since just now I said that we planed to dine in the Hard Rock Cafe but we did end up in the The Ship. What have happened??? When we reached the Hard Rock Cafe, we only found out that the Hard Rock Cafe has been booked for the ING private function so we can't ever enter the cafe right before the end of ING private event. Disappointment, disappointment and disappointment. I would say this is a great disappointment for all of us. So, if you ask me what have I feel other than disappointment on that moment, I would tell you that is Hungry~~~!!! Disappointment has been followed by Hungry as well. We can't ever keep disappointment on that spot. My birthday dinner still have to carry on. So we discussed again and decided to dine in The Ship.

So no choice, we still have to eat and everyone start to read on menu.

Well, I seemed like not affected by the bad new coz today is MY DAY~~~!!!

Since It has become the fact, we will not ever waste the wonderful night and we start to read the menu. Just few minutes, we have decided what to order for our dinner. This time Ker Chia incharge to order for us because I am the man of the day. (actually juz becoz she is in the strategy place to deal with the waiter) My father ordered mushroom soup and Fish and Chips while my mother just ordered Chinatown Sharksfin with Crabmeat. chieyang as usual he order the Black Pepper Chicken Chop, Ker Chia as well with her favourite spaghetti, "Spaghetti Chicken Napolitana". Ker Lin then ordered Sizzling Chicken Fillet. Of course as the birthday boy I must order something special so I decided to order the Christmas Special Meal which included mouthwash cocktail + appetizer (Corn Soup with Crabmeat) + course meal (Phoenix Neptune Combo) + desert (Napolita Cake) + christmas gift. (I just ordered this meal coz I wan the gift. hahaha...) Just kidding la, I ordered this set of meal because it look nice and included chieyang favourite => desert. See actually I am a good brother. Don't you think so??? hahaha...

I has been attracted by 'Phoenix' word...hahaha

So here our salad or know as the mouthwash cocktail.

So just before the main meal served, Ker Chia and chieyang enjoyed with their drink.

 Ker Lin and Ker Chia with their tasty soup.

Within 10 minutes, all our foods have been served and everyone start to enjoy their own food. Of course we did exchange among ourselve to share what we ordered.

Ker Lin's Sizzling Chicken Fillet

chieyang's Black Pepper Chicken Chop

My father's Fish and Chips

My meal - Phoenix Neptune Combo
So right after we done with our meal, the waiter has been served me with my desert and the christmas gift. Let's we see what is my christmas gift and what gonna happen to my desert and christmas gift.

 Here Come My Desert~~~!!!

T.T end up eaten by chieyang

My Christmas Gift~~~!!!

I don't know what they have make for the deal??? But they seemed ike to have some evil plans...

Now only I realised that they even wan steal my Christmas Gift... T.T

Of Course, it will end up with me... and it belongs to me.. :p

Here some random pictures of the night which was taken by Ker Lin. She did waste a lot of nice pictures of the night just because setting the wrong mode of the camera. sobzz~~~!!! However, she did manage took some pictures without notice of all of us.

Ker Chia what facial expression is that???

Omg~~~!!! someone took my pic while I was drinking the soup~~~!!

chieyang was drinking

Ops~~~!! I caught you~~~!!

Although the dinner in The Ship was not in our initiate plan, but we did end up with a happy and joyful night. Of course, I want to thank to my family to give me a memorable birthday. And I also wish to get another change to dine in the Hard Rock Cafe where I can date with MJ. ( with MJ...woohoo~~~!!!)

Juz wait for me MJ... I will date with you someday...

After the wondeful dinner, we went back and someone was complaint that they are not full with the meal. So I fetch them to Kapitan for supper. (and I found out that Kapitan maggie goreng was not as nice as BRJ...which cause I miss BRJ maggie goreng...hahaha)


ღ ę ł į ė ღ ツ said...

cute expression =D

zhenglik said...

told you hard rock ho sei one...
bo ane eng to eat at there.

Nikel Khor said...

wah..hard rock n the ship...the ship steak vri taste

chiechek said...

zhenglik: yah loh...really hard to dine in time must book first...hahaha...

Nikel: Its taste good...and not really expensive...if got chance can try there...