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Christmas's Eve Celebration / Fight with Police 2009 @ Gurney Drive~~~!?!?!?

Hey, everyone~~~!!! How's your all christmas's eve? Either celebrate with family or friends, this day should be a very happening day for you all right? So, just don't let the fast beating heart slowdown. Keep the joy and laugh till the new year~~~~ New Year 2010~~~!!! If you still don't have any plan on how to celebrate the new year, then you must to plan right now because it is right near in our corner. Get prepare and rock for the new year~~~our unique and gonna to be very very enjoy year 2010.

So, how was I celebrating my christmas's eve? I didn't have any plan and I guess there will be many people right outside somewhere to gather and celebrate the joyful day. I can say that I quite hate traffic jam or can't find a parking lots. That's why I didn't plan to celebrate the christmas eve at any hot spot. I just have a normal dinner with my family at paya terubong there. (I would recommend this place later if I got the pic. There has a nice ikan bakar and I fall in love to its sambal. XD) After the dinner, I stayed at home and did something that you and me did everyday which is watching tv drama.

My sister, kc was suggested to go to gurney drive to see how was the celebration there going on. I was interested but still how I was worrying about parking and traffic problem. Another sister of mine, kl assured me that she know a parking area which is most probably vacant all the time. (don't ask me where is it...I won't tell coz if tell you all then next time I can't get the parking slot. XD) When we reached gurney drive, we found that quite a lot of polices and we did not see any happening situation at there. What was in my first thought is may be youngster don't like to celebrate without the snow spray as it was banned since last 2 or 3 years ago. Since, we was there, we took a walk around the gurney drive there. When we on our way back, we saw quite many cars kena tickets (you know what I mean. This can increase our state finance income XD... )

So everyone got any idea about what happened right there? It not suppose be very crowded and everyone was happy and shout right there? Why this year christmas eve celebration will be that so silent? Curious? Let us see the video clips~~~!!!


Yup, that's right. Those youngsters were hitting police as you saw in the clip. So, what is on your mind right now? Gangster? Is that penang youngster? I think penang youngsters have been famous since few years when they threw the spray bottle to the polices and police's car. I was there that time and I thought they will never to offence the law against since the punishment they received previously. Right inside the gurney plaze there was a notice to remind the youngster about the previous unhappy incident occur. I guess not really many people took note about it or didn't even care about it. As a penang people, I did hate those offence to the law which make us lost the chance to play and celebrate the festival with the snow spray. The spray may not the essential tools to celebrate but it did really increase the mood and feel for us about the christmas. So, they not even learn from the previous punishment and even become worst and worst. The most important issue is they don't know how to appreciate the thing they had on their hand. They just want to do whatever thing to show their existence in the world. This would one of the pyschological problem. The social structure has been changed and the education system should be also improve to follow the path of development of the world. Current parent just give whatever their child want in material aspect but they forget to take care the child with their heart. I think most important thing is the parent need to show their care to their child and spend more time with them.

As conclusion, this issue is not only youngster problem, but I think it is most probably a social problem which we should look seriously into it. We don't want the future generation become the gangster as showed in this video clip.

Say No to Vandalism and Gangster~~~!!! Peace 2010 :)

At last, my family and me did went to McD for supper and count down at there. Hopefully, the new year's eve celebration will not like the christmas's eve celebration. Wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year~~~!!!


rongping.lo said...

They thought they are damn cool (those youngster). Idiot!

chiechek said...

hahaha ah ping...they really think this is cool and may be can attract the attention from the other...they won't think about the sad for them...

KwOnG FeI said...

cannot play the video leh

chiechek said...

sry...will fix it later... :)

Squall said...
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Squall said...

Swt...They taught they are the wwe idol...I think they are idiot... ==||| wat the...they really dunno how to appreciate the freedom they had on their hand.

Allison said...

hey found ur blog from innit. :) neway ya this few yrs pg youngster have been famous for creating problems and troubles during xmas especially. they tink they r reali cool which they r not. :(

chiechek said...

@Squall they will lost their freedom if they continue do that...hahaha

@Allison hey welcome...hahaha...they just want to attract people attention... XD