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My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

The Year of Tiger draws near~~~!!! So what would come into your mind as we say about tiger?





Of course, people first impression about tiger is all about their strength. So, this coming Tiger Year, we are going to look or feel the tiger in the other way. What about....

Cute??? Adorable??? Charming???

Whenever we used the other angle to look the thing, everything will be look different. Am I right? So you get better feeling about the tiger? Have you even started to love it? If still not, you should start to learn how to love and admire it. Why? I could guess you sure will ask why. This is because I am born in Tiger Year so I am Tiger. So now you can understand better? Still not??? ROARZZZ~~~!!! I will BITE you~~~!!! I am Tiger~~~!! hahaha...

So now let we get into the point. One day, the Tiger God appears and gives you a dream, what would you want?  

                                                           Money???                                                     Gold???

                                                                House???                                                        Ferrari???

The lastest Ipad???

This will be fabulous, if someone can help you to achieve? If you are going to ask anyone to help you achieve this kind of dreams, you will be scold to stop dreaming around. But what false if we can dream and wonder? If ever we stop dreaming or wondering, there will decrease our creativity whereas our world may not as developed as now. I would say that dreaming is good as you know when to work hard toward your own dream.

I am talking pretty much right? So now I am going to talk about my dream...

For me, the most important for me is my family. As long as I can get along with my family, I will satisfy with what I got. So, is there anyone can help me to achieve this dream? It's kinda of objective. What can I dream for more? I would say that a family trip to Europe and Hong Kong.

We alway not have the chance to travel around the world, even less chances within the Malaysia. The major problem is everyone of us is busy for our own stuff such father need to work, mother need to take care the house, while my siblings need to study and attend the class. Since everyone grew older, we should have better chance to travel around and increase the lovely memory in our photo album.

However, the large number of my family which is 6 people, is another contributor for us to travel around. It will not be a small amount for my family to go for a trip especially go to somewhere like Hong Kong or Europe. Since, I am having the chance to achive my dream, I would like to have a family trip to Hong Kong and Europe.

                                                           Hong Kong                                                         London


Why am I choosing the Hong Kong and Europe? The main reason is my mother always want to go to Hong Kong and Europe for shopping. If really can, this will be my pleasure to fulfill my mother dream between I can enjoy with my family trip.

Worry about boring for my father, brother and sisters???

There is nothing to worry about. They can enjou themself during the trip.

My father can enjoy.....

Visiting the museum and temple

While my sisters, brother  and I sure will enjoy....
Playing around in the Disneyland (Hong Kong and Paris)

Kinda of planning should be able to make everyone happy and enjoy with the trip. However, I still lack of something which able to capture down every precious moment when we enjoy the trip. Although, our brain will automatically record down every precious and excited moment, but somehow we can't resist the aging effect which mainly manisfested as memory loss. What will be better than capture down the photo and slowly re-enjoy the joyful when see the photo album.

So, I think you all sure know about what am I lacking of. It is camera....DSLR. I always want to have my own DSLR when I saw my friends took the DSLR and took picture around. Jealous...I absolutely will feel JEALOUS~~~!!! So, what kind of DSLR I want??? I prefer to have Nikon D90. I heard a lot of positive review from the D90 user.
Nikon D90

Is this will be achieved? When it is achieved, will I ever pinch myself? Hopefully, I can get the everything I want in real life and my dream.

I wish TIGER BEER and NUFFNANG will help me to achieve my dream...and I also need to work hard on it... :)

This year will be my YEAR~~~~~ TIGER YEAR~~~!!!


There will be A Dream Come True For me~~~!!!


Nikel Khor said...

c u there...but let me win 8888

from Nikel Khor

秋天里@紫鱼 said...

wah so fast wanna get a d90!~ rich guy... LOLX~~anyway happy new year and hope ur dreamsss come true!~

chiechek said...

@Nikel see you there.. :)

@Tomas Juz a dream na...hahaha..i wish i get it :p

~Live Life~ said...

Long time din see you update...

Start realizing those dreams yourself...instead of waiting for others...haha...

One of my dreams this year is oso getting a Nikon D90!! Have you heard of any good bargains around? Let me know ya...=)

Btw, those cubs look cute! ;)

chiechek said...

@~Live Life~ hey problem... :)

Lavanya said...

vahoo.... it so nice post & beautiful pictures... i like it very much... thanks for sharing......

Tekkaus said... for me...the year of the tiger means...a brand new year for me and a brand new life. :D


D90 is a nice camera! I hope you get one...

chiechek said...

thx for your all comment :)

thomas said...

wah!you want D90 too,excellent camera.