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Land Below the Wind - SABAH

"As promised" few months ago, I will update my life in Sabah to this blog. But seemed like I have been so lost in Sabah till I dragged the blog post for around 8 months. Well, IT HAVE BEEN 8 MONTHS already since I get myself stuck in Sabah. I didn't update the blog not because I couldn't connect to the internet in Sabah. The most likely reason is I am so reluctact to admit that I am gonna to stay in Sabah for sometime.

Ok, that's nothing wrong with Sabah and sorry if I did make you all think Sabah is not a really good state in Malaysia. *grin*
So, let's start my journey to the "Land Below the Wind" ~ Sabah. :)

Here I say Good Bye to Penang and there I say Hi to Sabah :(

With mixed feeling, I leave my beloved hometown, Penang and I come to Sabah, a msytery land for me. I still can remember how I really stress when first I reached Kota Kinabalu Airport (BKI). And it was 1st of December 2011. Once I reached the airport, then I called a taxi to go to the Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Sabah (JKNS) to report duty. Well, it is determining step for my life in Sabah. As everyone, Sabah is big state and it consists of many rural areas which actually do not favour for me to live there. So, I don't know my own destiny till I report my duty to JKNS. Luckily I got a placement that consider 'not-so-bad'. I got KOTA BELUD! which mean that I gonna stay in KOTA BELUD for this coming years (at least 1 year)

Frustrated? not really, I felt much more of lost. I got no idea on how actually Kota Belud look like and I was worrying where to rent a house. Well, skip those troublesome stuff, I gonna start to know more about Kota Kinabalu. Luckily I got a good friend, Lipton who already worked in Kota Kinabalu as enforcement officer. So I stayed in his house for few days before I go report duty to the Hospital Kota Belud.

Here is the view from Lipton's house. Quite nice view, right? Sabah is quite a peace place to stay :)
Ok, I will stop here and I will continue next time for my adventure in Sabah. :)


Eagle Chou said...

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